Denise Raynor Entrepreneur and Coach

Care more than others think you should

Who I am and what I do.........

My name is Denise Raynor, I'm an entrepreneur and coach.
I have a lifetime of business experience across many sectors, often running two or more businesses consecutively. I've had successes and made mistakes which have been great lessons.
You don't have to make the mistakes that I've made, I'm here to help you avoid them.
I've scaled the dizzy heights of traditional business, holding directorships within two large fashion organisations, I've run my own traditional enterprises and also been involved for many years in the less mainstream but highly successful sector of network marketing.

I've worked with wholesale and retail customers throughout my career and have offered customer service coaching since 2012, I have lots of tips on how to get it right.
I've been a Residential Landlord and I am currently a Furnished Holiday Let business owner.
If you are looking to get into Network Marketing then lets have a chat, if nothing else I can give you a few pointers, you may even like the look of the business I have worked alongside for nearly 20 years, though I'm just as happy to have a general chat about the industry, its benefits and possible pitfalls to look out for.
Maybe you want to create multiple income streams but you aren't sure where to start. I believe there are 4 pillars to get right, would you like to know what they are?

It's important to find a coach that you can relate to, so if you are looking for someone to work with it's key to establish a good rapport. Let's put a no obligation chat in the diary.

If you would like to find out more about what I offer and how I work please email

You can find my holiday let ‘Little Rogeston Cottage‘ here  

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