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My name is Denise Raynor, and at the start of this millennium I had a successful business in the fashion industry, my background was design but I had become a business entrepreneur and I loved the variety in what I did. I made a very good income but I also had a lot of money invested and I really wanted to remove that risk from my life. I also recognised that my personal pensions were not going to realise the potential I had been promised, so I started to look around for a different path, one that would provide not only a good income in the short term but also create an alternative income for my retirement years.

If you are having similar thoughts then please scroll down to take a look at an overview of our business, if you are curious then we need to talk more, not only about how the business works but also how we would work together as my role as Entrepreneur Coach is to help you learn the skills to be successful in your journey which may well lead you to coach your own group of entrepreneurs, if that appeals to you.

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